Wendler 5 3 1

We are once again cycling through our favorite lifting progression!  Most of you who have been here for a while, have done it at least once.  For the next few months we will be cycling through Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 Program.


The idea behind the system is simple.  Add a little bit of weight every week, get stronger a little bit at a time, and at the end of the cycle, you will be A LOT stronger than before.


Here is a  great article that explains the system way better than I can:



We will be doing this cycle for a while, so you will need to be prepared everyday to help make class run smoothly.


Here is a Wendler Calculator for you, just type in your numbers and it will do the rest:

Wendler 531 BLANK


(When you click this, it will automatically download onto your computer so you can adjust your numbers)


And here is our lifting schedule for the next month:


Week One

1/20/14- Back Squat

1/21/14- Press

1/23/14- Bench Press

1/24/14- Deadlift


Week Two

1/27/14- Bench Press

1/28/14- Deadlift

1/29/14- Press

1/30/14- Back Squat


Week Three

2/3/14- Deadlift

2/4/14- Press

2/5/14- Back Squat

2/7/14- Bench Press


Week Four

2/10/14- Press

2/11/14- Back Squat

2/13/14- Bench Press

2/14/14- Deadlift


**We reserve the right to change this schedule.  If something changes, we will let you know ASAP**


If you are trying to stay strict on this program, but feel like it’s too much to do the Strength AND the Conditioning 4 days/week, you are welcome to just come in and lift, and then mobilize after lifting.  Also if you miss a day, and would like to make it up, just talk to Erin or JD, and we will get you dialed in.


If you have any questions about this cycle ask Erin, JD, or Becky.

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