Summer of Lifting Baby Cows

Yes you read that correctly.  This summer we want you to lift baby cows… figuratively, not literally.  (Although I, Kenz wouldn’t mind lifting real ones to snuggle, but I digress.)

You know you want to pick me up...
You know you want to pick me up…

In Ancient Greece there are stories of a great man named Milo of Croton.  It is said that everyday he lifted the same baby cow, and with each day he was a little bit stronger as eventually he was able to lift the full grown bull.  Sounds crazy right?

Not crazy at all, its actually the theory behind our Summer Lifting Series, which closely follows Mark Rippetoe’s, Starting Strength Program.  We will be following a basic linear progression that allows you to increase your strength every week (just like picking up a growing baby cow).

We will be starting this program next week and our lifting schedule will be set for the summer.  (If you ever need to make-up a lift, or want to just come in and lift and not do the conditioning, just talk to your trainer, and they will get you set-up)

Monday: Back Squat

Tuesday: Power Clean

Wednesday: Bench Press

Thursday: Skill/Make Up Day/Extra squat day for those that want it.

Friday: DEADLIFT and Press

Download and fill out the XCEL Spreadsheet below, to make your life super easy.  You only need to type in your numbers where it says “Test Weight,” this number should be 75% of your current 1RM.

Copy of Starting Strength Logbook Calculator

On these days we of course will have regular Conditioning following the lifting piece.  AND we won’t only be lifting baby cows, we will be honing in our bodyweight strength as well.

ALSO as if that info wasn’t exciting enough, over the next few weeks we will be testing a few specific conditioning workouts (Fran, Helen, Diane, the Filthy 50, to name a few) and our summer conditioning program will be designed to help boost cardiovascular endurance, to prove to the haters that you CAN be strong, AND have cardiovascular endurance.  We will be re-testing these workouts at the end of the Summer.  If you happen to miss one, you can make it up, just talk to your trainer.

We hope you are as pumped as we are for our new Strength and Conditioning cycle…we think you are going to be very pleased with your results.

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