“Regularly learn and play new sports.”

As a new gym owner, I want to help everyone I see get as fit as I can and preach the benefits of increased flexibility and strength.  I don’t understand why more people aren’t knocking down the door to join our community and participate in this life improving process.  I assume this is the lament for most that prosthelytize, be it about religion or health.  Finally, when reading the famous Glassman quote about the essence of Crossfit, I realized that it is important for each athlete to come to us for their own reasons and those reasons are as different as those athletes.

The last line of Fitness in 100 Words is “Regularly learn and play new sports.”  I believe that it is the pursuit of those sports and improvement in those that will bring people to our box. We love Crossfit but we also want to add some durability and endurance work that will specifically help those in our valley to pursue their favorite pastime.  From mountain biking to uphill skiing, backcountry hiking to Alpine racing I can’t think of a sport that won’t be improved by what we do here at HCCF.

That being said, we need to prove it!  Let’s all take advantage of the opportunities we have been granted in this amazing place we call home and get out of the gym and put this fitness to use.  The more we demonstrate what we can do, the more others will be drawn to join our community.  For a business owner, its a long play but its the best way I can think of to properly create a sustainable model for growth that will allow all of us to take advantage of more and more offerings awe move forward.

Thanks for being a part of it.

John Pattillo, Owner / Coach / Custodian