An Ode to Bulletproof Shoulders

Dear bulletproof shoulders,
How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways:
Weak rotator cuff
I do call thy bluff
Huzzah! I slash you with my side plank sword.
Over used deltoid
DO be paranoid
Talk to the hands that I raise in a “T”.
Teres minor ablaze
Hopefully unfazed
No I’m not just ridiculously good looking in my model pose here on the floor.
Overhead position
Purring like a kitten
Who’s on all fours, gimme a thumbs up! That’s me!
Rib cage locked
2 1/2′s cocked
“Y” are we doing this again? Because my form’s poor.
Scapulae set
How much you wanna bet, 
These “push-ups” will set you free…
I love you bulletproof shoulders!
Yours truly,
My bulletproof shoulders
Written By Becky Koski

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