May Push-Up Challenge

The month of May is upon us, as is our first monthly challenge!


May brings us the PUSH-UP CHALLENGE.


The push-up is a simple test, yet one of the most physically challenging movements we do in the gym. Our goal is to increase our push-up work capacity over the course of the month. Each week, Friday will be designated “Push-up Practice” with push-ups being our “Strength” for the day. We will also be incorporating push-ups, dips, strict pull-ups, etc. into our strength pieces throughout the week, to continue to “grease the groove.”


AND on top of that, you will have assigned “Push-Up Homework for the week! This week’s push-up homework is the following…

Every time you use the “facilities” (aka the restroom), you must do 5-15 Push-ups, you should do this 5 days/week. (This number will be dependent on how many push-ups you can do with a good tempo, no resting, and no breaking of technique). The number you do per day should be about the number you did in your 4 minute test.


At the end of the 4 weeks, we will re-do our 4 Minute Push-Up test, and find out who increased their number the greatest. The top Man, and top Woman will win a prize (Note: The winners will NOT be the people who can do the most push-ups, but the people who have the greatest percentage increase from week one to week four)


Here is an EXCELLENT technique video just to make sure we are all on the same page, on what “Perfect” Push-ups look like.




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