Knowing your limits; Staying Healthy and Fit

Lee back and better than ever, doing his favorite movement...squat cleans

Lee back and better than ever, doing his favorite movement…squat cleans


Knowing when you should take time off from the gym or scale movements in Crossfit is one of the hardest but best things you can do for yourself.  


About six months ago I “tweaked” my lower back, not enough that I stopped doing any of the movements in the gym but after some workouts my back would be so fatigued the next day that I wouldn’t workout.   I would use a hot pad at night, do some stretching and mobility at my house, then the next day my back would be recovered just enough to get back in the gym.  I fell into this routine telling myself that my back pain would just “go away” even though I constantly was aggravating it every other day and just recovering enough to get back into the gym and do a workout.  


After continuing this ridiculous process for two months I finally smartened up!   I scaled most of the movements in the gym doing a lot of body weight movements only for a full month.  After talking to Becky about my back she gave me some great stretches that I could do that really helped my back feel better.  Now I feel great again and my back doesn’t give me any problems. 


For the people that think they need to get in the gym and do everything prescribed is crazy.  I did several bodyweight only workouts when other people were using the barbell and I got a great workout in.  You don’t need to use weight in the gym to feel like you’re getting a “good” workout.   So the point is don’t fall into the mindset I had at one point.  


If you have pain ADDRESS IT, go and talk to Becky. She has a wealth of information she would be happy to share with you;  you’ll learn a great deal of information and instruction on what is causing you pain and how to fix it. The most important thing is to get healthy and stay healthy not just  be “good enough”.   


Don’t just expect your shoulder or whatever to magically start feeling better, take the right steps today to feel better tomorrow!





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