Food Challenge!

Hey Guys

We will be joining with GSCF in doing the “Be the Cat” Food Challenge starting on Monday, March 11th.  It will run for 30 days, ending on April 9th.  This food challenge will be little different as we will be focusing both on nutrition AND recovery.  For all the nitty gritty details come to our Food Challenge informational meeting on Tuesday, March 5th at 6:30 PM, or Saturday March 9th at 10 AM.  If you cannot attend one of these meetings, just email Kenzie at and we will get you dialed in!

See you at one of the meetings!

If you could please, sign up for the meeting just like you would a regular class, so we know how much paperwork to have on hand!




Registering for Class

As you may know, we have instituted a new registration system that we hope will become second nature to you all very quickly.  Here are a few guidelines and steps to make things easy…

1. Head over to
2. Enter log-in information
3. Click on “Calendar” (top left)

You can register for as many classes as your membership allows.  You’ll also be able to see how many spots are still available for each class by clicking on the class in the calendar.

Checkin For Classes Directly From Your iPhone


Now your can sign up and cancel reservations right from your phone! You will need to have a password to High Country’s Zen Planner system to use this app. Using your login info and password, you’ll be able to:

* CHECK the class calendar to see what days and times are available.

* RESERVE class times with your current membership. Make sure you get a spot in your favorite class!

Canceling Class

To cancel a class, go to the  “Calendar” tab.  From there click on the class you wish to cancel. Click “Cancel Reservation.” Do this for each individual class that you would like to cancel from your schedule.  The cancelation window will be open up to one hour before class begins.

We are requiring each athlete to register online for class.  Please notify the trainer if you forgot to pre-register online.

Please call or text us at 970-948-2526 if you have any difficulty registering, getting on the waiting list or canceling classes.


Updates For the New Year – Starting Today!

Happy New Year!

We hope that the New Year brings you health and happiness. Just a couple of updates for 2013 that we want you to be aware of.
1. Starting January 01, 2013 you must sign up for classes online at
        – We’re doing this to provide the best service to you, ensuring the proper trainer-to-student ratio.
        – You can sign up for a few weeks at a time, but please remember to CANCEL your reservation if you cannot come.
        – **For 6AM people…please sign up for the 6AM class by 9:00 p.m. the night before. If you do not sign up and show up there may not be a trainer.**
        – To sign up:
           1. Login (see above)
           2. Click on “Reserve Class Times”
           3. Click on the class you wish to sign up for.
           4. Click on “Reserve Spot”
        – You will get an email the day before reminding you of your reservation.
2. We will no longer accept credit cards as a form of payment starting January 01, 2013.
3. Please input your bank account information on ZenPlanner. Be sure to tell us to activate Automatic Debit on your account. It’s free for you and easy!
       – Starting February 01, 2013 we will automatically activate Automatic Debit on your account.
4. We know that we’ve been somewhat relaxed about payments in the beginning. Please understand that starting on February 01, 2013 if you are more than 7 days past due on your membership dues you will be charged a 10% late fee. If you are 30 days past due, your membership will be suspended.
5. If you are not in town for a period of time, let us know. You will still be responsible for your membership dues. For absences greater than one month we will work with you on holding your membership. Be sure to talk to Erin or Alex at least two weeks before you expect to be temporarily absent from the gym.
6. If you want to drop your membership from the gym, you must give us at least 30 days notice. Failure to give us 30 days notice will result in full payment of membership dues for the upcoming month.
Thanks for being part of High Country CrossFit. By implementing the above procedures we hope to focus on the most important part – training you!
Our best for a happy, healthy New Year.