May Push-Up Challenge

The month of May is upon us, as is our first monthly challenge!


May brings us the PUSH-UP CHALLENGE.


The push-up is a simple test, yet one of the most physically challenging movements we do in the gym. Our goal is to increase our push-up work capacity over the course of the month. Each week, Friday will be designated “Push-up Practice” with push-ups being our “Strength” for the day. We will also be incorporating push-ups, dips, strict pull-ups, etc. into our strength pieces throughout the week, to continue to “grease the groove.”


AND on top of that, you will have assigned “Push-Up Homework for the week! This week’s push-up homework is the following…

Every time you use the “facilities” (aka the restroom), you must do 5-15 Push-ups, you should do this 5 days/week. (This number will be dependent on how many push-ups you can do with a good tempo, no resting, and no breaking of technique). The number you do per day should be about the number you did in your 4 minute test.


At the end of the 4 weeks, we will re-do our 4 Minute Push-Up test, and find out who increased their number the greatest. The top Man, and top Woman will win a prize (Note: The winners will NOT be the people who can do the most push-ups, but the people who have the greatest percentage increase from week one to week four)


Here is an EXCELLENT technique video just to make sure we are all on the same page, on what “Perfect” Push-ups look like.




Wendler 5 3 1

We are once again cycling through our favorite lifting progression!  Most of you who have been here for a while, have done it at least once.  For the next few months we will be cycling through Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 Program.


The idea behind the system is simple.  Add a little bit of weight every week, get stronger a little bit at a time, and at the end of the cycle, you will be A LOT stronger than before.


Here is a  great article that explains the system way better than I can:


We will be doing this cycle for a while, so you will need to be prepared everyday to help make class run smoothly.


Here is a Wendler Calculator for you, just type in your numbers and it will do the rest:

Wendler 531 BLANK


(When you click this, it will automatically download onto your computer so you can adjust your numbers)


And here is our lifting schedule for the next month:


Week One

1/20/14- Back Squat

1/21/14- Press

1/23/14- Bench Press

1/24/14- Deadlift


Week Two

1/27/14- Bench Press

1/28/14- Deadlift

1/29/14- Press

1/30/14- Back Squat


Week Three

2/3/14- Deadlift

2/4/14- Press

2/5/14- Back Squat

2/7/14- Bench Press


Week Four

2/10/14- Press

2/11/14- Back Squat

2/13/14- Bench Press

2/14/14- Deadlift


**We reserve the right to change this schedule.  If something changes, we will let you know ASAP**


If you are trying to stay strict on this program, but feel like it’s too much to do the Strength AND the Conditioning 4 days/week, you are welcome to just come in and lift, and then mobilize after lifting.  Also if you miss a day, and would like to make it up, just talk to Erin or JD, and we will get you dialed in.


If you have any questions about this cycle ask Erin, JD, or Becky.

Knowing your limits; Staying Healthy and Fit

Lee back and better than ever, doing his favorite movement...squat cleans

Lee back and better than ever, doing his favorite movement…squat cleans


Knowing when you should take time off from the gym or scale movements in Crossfit is one of the hardest but best things you can do for yourself.  


About six months ago I “tweaked” my lower back, not enough that I stopped doing any of the movements in the gym but after some workouts my back would be so fatigued the next day that I wouldn’t workout.   I would use a hot pad at night, do some stretching and mobility at my house, then the next day my back would be recovered just enough to get back in the gym.  I fell into this routine telling myself that my back pain would just “go away” even though I constantly was aggravating it every other day and just recovering enough to get back into the gym and do a workout.  


After continuing this ridiculous process for two months I finally smartened up!   I scaled most of the movements in the gym doing a lot of body weight movements only for a full month.  After talking to Becky about my back she gave me some great stretches that I could do that really helped my back feel better.  Now I feel great again and my back doesn’t give me any problems. 


For the people that think they need to get in the gym and do everything prescribed is crazy.  I did several bodyweight only workouts when other people were using the barbell and I got a great workout in.  You don’t need to use weight in the gym to feel like you’re getting a “good” workout.   So the point is don’t fall into the mindset I had at one point.  


If you have pain ADDRESS IT, go and talk to Becky. She has a wealth of information she would be happy to share with you;  you’ll learn a great deal of information and instruction on what is causing you pain and how to fix it. The most important thing is to get healthy and stay healthy not just  be “good enough”.   


Don’t just expect your shoulder or whatever to magically start feeling better, take the right steps today to feel better tomorrow!





Coach at GSCF

An Ode to Bulletproof Shoulders

Dear bulletproof shoulders,
How do I love thee? 
Let me count the ways:
Weak rotator cuff
I do call thy bluff
Huzzah! I slash you with my side plank sword.
Over used deltoid
DO be paranoid
Talk to the hands that I raise in a “T”.
Teres minor ablaze
Hopefully unfazed
No I’m not just ridiculously good looking in my model pose here on the floor.
Overhead position
Purring like a kitten
Who’s on all fours, gimme a thumbs up! That’s me!
Rib cage locked
2 1/2′s cocked
“Y” are we doing this again? Because my form’s poor.
Scapulae set
How much you wanna bet, 
These “push-ups” will set you free…
I love you bulletproof shoulders!
Yours truly,
My bulletproof shoulders
Written By Becky Koski

Winter Coat Drive

The Julia Jacobsen Memorial Winter Clothing Drive


It’s that time of year again to empty out those closets, clear some clutter, and help keep our community warm this winter.

Glenwood Springs CrossFit and High Country CrossFit are once again hosting the Julia Jacobsen Memorial Coat Drive.

Julia Jacobsen was a long time family friend of Thad and Kenzie.  She used to drive the school bus for the Basalt Schools.  On her daily route, if she saw a child standing out in the cold, without a coat on, she would go out and purchase one for them.

Bring in your clean, gently used winter clothing!  All clothing collected will be given to local agencies, which will pass the winter clothes on to families, and children in need.  We will be collecting clothing through January 1st at both gym locations.

Glenwood Springs CrossFit, 3760 HWY 82, Glenwood Springs
High Country CrossFit, 35 Park Ave, Basalt

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” -John Holmes

Questions can be directed to Kenzie at 970-948-2695, or emailed to

Barbells for BOObs

Glenwood Springs CrossFit will be hosting a valley-wide Amazing “Grace” workout on Friday, November 1st. The workout will begin at 5:30 PM and will last until 7:30 PM. We will begin workouts every 15 minutes starting at 5:30 PM. The benchmark workout “Grace” is 30 Clean and Jerks for time. There will be trainers there helping with both the work-out and the warm-up.


Please bring your family members and friends; everyone is welcome! There will be a pot-luck dinner following the work-out. Please bring a main course, appetizer/salad, and/or dessert to share with everyone.


How to sign up: In order to get a “Support Team” shirt you must raise $80 (the cost of one mammogram). You can join the Glenwood Springs CrossFit Fundraising team and raise money at:


(To Donate click on the “Donate Now” button, if you would like to raise money for the team, click on “Join the Team.”)


All proceeds benefit Mammograms In Action. Their mission is to provide funding for women who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer. 100% of the proceeds of Amazing “Grace” will be donated to Mammograms In Action.


If you just want to show up, work-out, and donate some money, just bring with your checkbook, your costume, and some food to share and we will get your donation to Mammograms in Action.  



As our event is so close to Halloween, we are ENCOURAGING everyone to come dressed in COSTUME!


Can anyone knock-off the two time reigning Best Costume Champs?

Can anyone knock-off the two time reigning Best Costume Champs?



Please come join the fun on Friday, November 1st, meet athletes from other gyms, get your work-out on and eat delicious food all while supporting a great cause! **There will be Prizes for Best Costume!**



**You do not need to be able to “RX” this workout, and we can help you decide which weight is appropriate for you to use.  We will have an 8 minute time cap on “Grace.”



The noon classes will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays ( except July 4th, we only

have a 9:00 am)!

Our 4th of July schedule is as follows:  July 4th-9 am only, Friday closed, Sat 6th-9am only:)))


Harriet and Stretch and Recovery WILL Continue

We have decided to continue with Harriet on Thursday nights due to popular demand!!!

The change will be that each class will be $5.00 (Yes…$5.00)

There is not anywhere else in the valley where you get such great stretching from such a FANTASTIC teacher:)

I hope you will take advantage of Thursday night Stretch and recovery as much as possible.  WE  ALL NEED IT!


Olympic Lifting Seminar

We are hosting an Olympic Lifting Clinic lead by one of the best Olympic Lifting coaches in the country.  Paul Fleschler will be at GLENWOOD SPRINGS CROSSFIT on Sunday April 14th, from 9-5 in an all-day clinic, drilling the fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts; the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.  He is a world renowned athlete who represented the United States at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics for Olympic Weightlifting. Paul is the former Men’s National Coach and former Men’s and Women’s Resident Coach at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He also served in a supportive role for USA Weightlifting at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games.


This clinic will teach you the fundamentals of Olympic Lifting, skills to better your lifts, and basic knowledge needed to advance to heavier weights WITH better form.  You don’t have to be a great lifter to take this clinic, but this clinic will put you on a path to become a proficient lifter with a solid foundation.


Cost: $100


Location: Glenwood Springs CrossFit


This class is only open to the first 15 people to register (You do NOT have to be a member at GSCF/HCCF to attend).


Register online at:


**We will be providing a few scholarships for people who want to attend but cannot afford it. If you would like to attend, but cannot afford $100 please email us at


For full class schedule please click the link below: