Blog Announcement

September 24, 2018 – Blog Announcement

Welcome to the HCCF blog. This is where we think out-loud, process a multitude of information and hopefully keep in touch with all of our athletes.  We will include everything from basic announcements to recommendations for additional training and even nutrition information.  We plan to post on a weekly basis in order to maintain regular contact and look forward to suggestions or requests from you guys as to what to investigate.

This fist posting is, well, rather selfish. We are using it to announce our desire to have more athletes as members.  We are currently running a promotion in order to help get some people in the door to give us a try.  $100 will get your friends and family three customized “Fundamentals” as well as the remainder of that first month’s membership. Please get the word out.  We have increased the class offerings, cleaned up the gym and are continuing to upgrade some of the equipment; but of course all of that comes with a cost.

Our goal is to grow our community in order to continue to be able to offer more and more health and wellness programs.