Functional Strength, Endurance, and Durability

Who We Are

High Country Crossfit started in 2012 with the goal of providing the community with a platform to promote healthy movement and result in an elevated level of overall fitness. Today, that goal remains paramount but has grown to include a focus on durability and endurance. We offer daily WOD’s as well as specific classes focused on other aspects of fitness like flexibility, mobility and movement.

Facility / Map

Located at an elevation of 6,624 ft. in Basalt, CO. in the basalt industrial center.


At High Country Crossfit we aim to be more than just a gym. We are creating a hub for healthy lifestyle and athletics in our area. We offer special events ranging from group cookouts to community outreach programs, group bike rides and of course daily WOD’s.  Join us and find your tribe.

Want to move better, get stronger, and become more durable?

What Is Crossfit?

If you are new to CrossFit and are interested in joining our community, then please schedule a Free Assessment and Trial by emailing us. We will see where you are and discuss your fitness goals.